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I had forgotten it was WorldCon this weekend (or a whole year since LonCon3!).  I didn’t pay much attention to the Hugo award shortlists this year – with the Sad/Rabid Puppies pushing full slates, I was much more interested in the Hugo longlists, which have just been released (pdf link).

20518872I’ve to admit the Best Novel longlist didn’t really excite me.  Of the books I haven’t already read, I have Cixin Liu‘s THE THREE-BODY PROBLEM on my Kindle (free via the Amazon Kindle for Samsung programme), John Scalzi‘s LOCK IN doesn’t really appeal (though I’ve his newest THE END OF ALL THINGS also on my Kindle – I couldn’t resist the £2.99 price point), and I DNF’d Andy Weir‘s THE MARTIAN (I know, sorry).  I’ve heard good things about Robert Jackson Bennett‘s CITY OF STAIRS though, so I may see if my library has it.

I don’t have much to say about the rest of the awards (apart from good result?), though I’m really pleased Julie Dillon won Best Professional Artist – love her art.

A few other (non-related) links that caught my attention recently-ish:


13 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. Huh. I am Not a Fan of LMB’s Vorkosigan covers despite loving the books, so it’s interesting to hear that she has some input into them.

    • Oh, and I loved Goblin Emperor and Ancillary Sword but agree mostly about the longlist. City of Stairs was good, but had some issues (Renay at Lady Business has a good review) which imo make it not as amazing as it could have been.

    • Thanks for heads up re CITY OF STAIRS. I agree with you re GOBLIN EMPEROR – I’d have been happy if it had won the Hugo. I haven’t yet started Ann Leckie’s Ancillary books although I’ve the first on my Kindle (as well – I just have a book problem really).

      Yes, the LMB cover is… not all that. I get the imagery she was going for (and oh, the possibilities!), but don’t think it translated well to cover art. But I’d basically buy anything she writes, so not too bothered…

  2. Loncon 3, best 10 days bar none. I WILL get to London again and when I do I hope to see you again with a bit more time, and I might be even more enthusiastic now I feel comfortable that my real life self can still interact positively with my online friends ^^ (meeting Chachic helped a lot in that impression, too). I so loved seeing you, but the one downside was the hugeness of the con, so the meeting (with Andrea, or Ana and Thea, too – for that matter) was too short.

    All the yays for Julie Dillon ^^. I sure hope her covers stay affordable for Andrea though. On the other hand I wouldn’t mind a female Michael Whelan equivalent in importance.

    • I hope we get to meet up again at some point – I still can’t believe LonCon3 was a full year ago! It sounded as though you and Chachic had a really good time catching up.

      Yes, I’d hate to see fewer Dillon/Host covers, but would just love to see more of her art. I think she just won a couple of Chesleys as well, so it’s been a good few days for her!

      • Yes she did ^^, magazine and book cover Chesley. ^^ The massive advantage of you being in London is that I love visiting the place, heh, and it’s not too far. This year I splurged on a new pc, though, so no travels for me t his summer. Chachic has hinted at starting to save up for a holiday in the UK ^^.

  3. Huh, I somehow missed your LonCon3 post from last year. Cannot think of a reason though ^_^; Sounds like you had a lot of fun!! I just did a quick search to see if it’d be held near me anytime soon… and just found out Montreal lost the bid like 5 days ago. Booo LOL.

    Always enjoy reading articles about covers and print books – edges and stuff. So interesting… What’d be cool as well would see the costs. For example, is it more expensive to have dyed edge? You’d think so, right? but who knows.

    Well the 100 top romances by NPR is a lot more than 100 books since they include whole series. I understand why, but at the same time… And well, it’s been updated! I remember a few years ago, it was still heavily geared towards older books. I do question some of their choices though… Like the Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner. I LOVE the books, but romance wouldn’t be my first category for it. I’d start with YA, then Fantasy… and even then, romance is perhaps pushing it a bit?

    • Oh, shame about the Montreal bid! It was so cool to have it in London last year.

      I’d love to be a fly on the wall when they’re deciding on book cover features. The Zen Cho limited edition with sprayed edges is £20 (the normal version will be £17 retail), so I’m guessing they try to recoup their costs somehow.

      I don’t remember previous NPR lists, though I recall AAR doing their top 100 every now and again? I need to go through in a bit more detail. The second two MWT books were really romantic, IIRC? Agree the series as a whole isn’t really romance.

      • I guess it’s debatable. I’d say the King of Attolia book is romantic… the 2nd one though, well it’s hard to overlook the start.

        Yep, that’s too bad bout Montreal bid. Oh well. Hopefully, it’ll be nearby sometime in the future.

      • You made me laugh! It was true love…

        It’s been a while since I read them now, but I remember being stuck at the beginning of THIEF for ages… and then it finally clicked for me, and I pretty much finished QUEEN and KING in one go.

  4. Li, I didn’t even know that the Hugo list was released. Isn’t that a shame? I also would have been happy with a Goblin Emperor win, over Ancillary Sword even. I began reading The Three Body Problem and it just dwindled for me — hope to finish it at some point. I have The Martian and Lock In in my TBR but don’t feel any urgency to read either… I didn’t buy The End of All Things by Scalzi yet but when I do, I know I will read it ASAP. As to The City of Stairs, I really enjoyed that book and recommend it. It has its flaws, but it is worth reading.

    As to the Vorkosigan Saga covers. LOL! Not the best out there and it would be great to see some great art to accompany the fantastic stories.

    • LMB does not have the greatest luck with Vorkosigan covers. I quite liked her Sharing Knife series covers, but different publisher IIRC.

      I’m reading THE END OF ALL THINGS right now, very addictive reading like all of Scalzi’s writing. Though I just got my hands on the new October Daye so TEOAL may be put to one side for a bit. And I won a copy of Kate Elliott’s COURT OF FIVES, which just arrived the other day as well… decisions! Good thing it’s a long weekend 😉

      Yes, I’ve heard mixed things about THE THREE BODY PROBLEM. Good to hear you liked THE CITY OF STAIRS.

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