Links: New McGrath Cover and Book Promos

GhostTalkers_comp_webHappy October!

Look at this beautiful cover for Mary Robinette Kowal‘s upcoming WW1-set fantasy novel, GHOST TALKERS (out July 2016).  She talks a bit more about the input she provided the Tor art department at her blog.  I’d be tempted to get this in hardcover just so I could admire it on my shelves.  She has had some very good covers from Tor.

Artist is Chris McGrath – I kind of recognised his style, but the lighter colours threw me off a bit.  I guess I’m more used to his dark and brooding urban fantasy covers.

Oh, and the book itself sounds pretty good too.


Writer Unboxed has a couple of posts up on Bookbub (Part 1 and Part 2) – while they’re aimed more at authors, there’s some interesting information and stats on how they select books for inclusion in their promotional emails.  They get 100-300 requests a day, which is pretty amazing.  I think they do a good job of curating deals and targeting preferences – or rather, I find myself clicking through on their links more often than I do on other book promo services.


Speaking of book promo-type services, Kobo just started a new loyalty/discount programme, Kobo SuperPoints, where you earn points for spend, which you can eventually redeem for books.  They also have a VIP version, where it’s £6 (or local equivalent?) for a year, and you get additional points together with 10% off various titles (I assume books which are discountable).  I haven’t done the calculations, but signed up out of curiosity (as I had a spare discount code that brought the annual membership down to around £4) – I’ll let you know if the cost’s worth it in about a year’s time.  Has anyone else signed up?

If we’re talking loyalty programmes, I think AllRomanceEbooks “Buy 10, Get 1 Free” programme is a good one, especially if you buy a lot of indie/self-published books.

None of these are affiliate links or sponsored, BTW.


Non-book related, but really fascinating: The Simpleton (a design blog) talks about schema theory (yeah, me neither) with user guides on self-service shopping (1950s) and on using a telephone (1920s).  It makes you realise how everyday events, like shopping in supermarkets and answering phone calls, would have been viewed as truly extraordinary in the early half of the 20th century.


7 thoughts on “Links: New McGrath Cover and Book Promos

    • There are some really good SFF artists out there. I’m no expert by any means, but some of them have distinctive styles! I have Muddy Colors in my blog reader ( – it’s a blog run by a group of SFF artists (including Dan Dos Santos, who does Patricia Briggs’ Mercy covers), and some of their posts are so interesting.

  1. I love it when MRK gives us these detailed glimpses into the process of getting the whole shebang of a book together! Also, never heard of Bookbub – thanks for the pointers!

      • Yes, I am going to make another attempt at resuscitating this old thing 🙂 And yes, I feel like it’s pretty much “Here, take my money – just take it!” with Bookbub right now 😛

      • Have you heard of eReaderIQ as well? I use them to track Kindle price drops (if you buy ebooks at Amazon) – I basically use them to track all my wishlist books…

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