Five Thoughts for a Monday

Because numbers make everything feel a bit more organised.

  1. I am so far behind on getting my reviews up at Goodreads that I’m half-tempted to catch up by adding the books to my “read” shelves without any comments.  And then I have this internal debate with myself because I’ve always posted at least a couple of thoughts on each book, and I don’t want to stop doing that.  But will I ever catch up otherwise?  Ack.  If you see a flurry of GR reviews from me over the next few weeks, you’ll know what I’ve decided.
  2. 50715I’ve been reading and loving Lynn Kurland‘s Nine Kingdoms fantasy romance books.  I finally got around to picking up the first book after a rec from Angie, and pretty much raced through the first trilogy.  I’d move on to the next set if they weren’t so expensive – a £10 ebook for a work published in 2011 is a tad bit too steep!  Are all Berkley backlist books priced at this price point?  And if they are, who’s paying those prices??
    Anyway, on the trilogy – it’s just plain fun, really.  I loved the self-deprecating humour and chemistry between the two leads, the story moves forward at a fast clip, and the cast of supporting characters do a great job of, well, supporting.  A couple of annoying niggles (including some lapses into faux Scottishness and a bit too much reliance on people not talking to one another as plot devices), but safe to say, this is one of my favourite trilogies of the year.  Fair warning though, the trilogy is really a book in three parts as neither the romance nor the story reach a conclusion until the final book.  Which would have made me raise cliffhanger hell if I hadn’t been able to buy the the next two books PDQ (funnily enough, the first three ebooks are priced fairly reasonably – even more so if you’ve a Kobo coupon from their latest competition).
  3. Not a new topic for book blogging, but I’ve been pondering timing for book reviews (possibly because I’ve a couple of reviews I need to write for new releases *clears throat*).  Standard practice has reviews being posted on or around release dates, but whenever I see reviews for a book I intend to buy, I skip them because I wouldn’t have finished the book by then and generally want to avoid any spoilers.  And if it’s not a book I was planning on reading, a review probably wouldn’t get me to buy it – it’s usually reader discussion that works as a spur, and as per previous point, it’s rare you get a good discussion on release date.   What think you?
  4. I’ve been on a book buying binge lately.  Including pre-orders, I make it 27 books purchased this month so far.  That would be at an average rate of one a day?  Some were planned purchases (see Rowell’s CARRY ON and, well, pretty much all the Oct new releases), but there were plenty of impulse buys as well.  Ebook deals are so bad for my wallet.
  5. I’m not convinced that the new Kobo’s Super Points VIP loyalty scheme is worth it.  And I can probably say that because of the number of books I’ve bought lately?  The 10% VIP discount tends to apply to certain trad-published books only, and generally excludes self-published books (I assume self-pubbed authors choose to opt in/out), which make up a large percentage of my purchases.  And where the 10% discount is available, Amazon usually has the books for even cheaper.  Finally, looking at the number of points required for a free book, it’s probably safe to say Kobo’s not going to be giving away many of them.  Still early days though.

9 thoughts on “Five Thoughts for a Monday

  1. I’ve never heard of the Nine Kingdom’s series!! But it sounds delicious 🙂 I’ve got to put at least Star of the Morning on my to-read list! Also, I, too, tend to skip reading the review if I intend on buying and reading the book because I’m afraid to get spoiled! Never let that really get in the way of book review timing, though, haha – but you bring up some good points. It’s true that the responses to the book review might be more interesting after more people have had a chance to read it and engage in the discussion. So I guess it might be down to whether you’re more interested in getting people to put the book on their radar, or whether you’re more interested in actually discussing the book??

    • I’m always nervous when picking up a book billed as fantasy romance, as the fantasy elements tend to be on the weak side, but this one was a lovely mix. I think it helped that there was plenty of humour, a bit like Julie Garwood’s historicals if you’ve ever read her.

      And a really good question re purpose of book posts! I feel like a lot of my posts are geared towards the former nowadays, especially since most book discussions have moved off blogs (and onto Goodreads?). I still love reading reviews to see what people thought of books I’ve read, though again it’s a lot easier doing that on GR because you can see your friends’ reviews against each book. I admit that after seeing a book featured x number of times, I do tend to add it to my list of books to check out.

      • Li – You know I’ve always been horrible about tracking my reads on goodreads :/ Its a great tool, I don’t know why I don’t make full use of it! I’m only now just using it to track my to-reads!

      • GR is super useful at keeping track of to-reads! Though sometimes I see authors post about their upcoming books and the books aren’t there on GR… I think they’re missing a trick by making it more difficult to remember their new releases.

  2. Hey Li!!

    Okay, so glad you’re liking the Nine Kingdoms series!! I’ve seen these books around for a long time and always thought the covers were great. Just never got around to read them. But hey, if you’re liking them, they`re moving up my TBR list 🙂

    I used to try to put up my review around the release date. I like reading comments and seeing the grade, especially if it’s a book I’m not completely sure of buying. The problem is that nowadays, discussions are really hard to initiate… My two cents.

    Wow, that is a lot of books! Then again, if you get good deals, go for it 🙂 I regret not pre-ordering some books now 😦 Sigh. prices for books have gone up in Canada… Or perhaps I should say the discounts booksellers used to give have disappeared 😦

    • I saw the later books in the bookstore and they’re trade paperbacks! Maybe that’s why they’re so expensive.

      Like I said to Sharry, I don’t see many book discussions on blogs nowadays – so I read reviews more to find new-to-me authors/books? There are the occasional review where I love seeing commenters’ takes on the book, but that’s not very often.

      Most of my book purchases are ebooks, and I think a lot are self-pubbed, so average price per book is probably not that bad. I wince every time I have to pay retail price for one of the “bigger” titles (and have been using my library for them where possible!). Kobo had a 50% off discount code at the end of Oct – did you see it? I managed to buy even more (in hindsight, I should have bought Kurland’s Nine Kingdoms books – argghh).

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