A Very Tiny Facelift

Because my WordPress Custom Design upgrade expires soon, and the price of the annual subscription keeps on increasing.  I do like all the free themes from WordPress.com though and it’s so easy to use, so I’m not planning on migrating to another platform any time soon.

New theme is Lovecraft (I know, the irony) Hemingway Rewritten and the header image is something I knocked up quickly using PicMonkey, because my previous word cloud image looked a bit rubbish in this theme.  I’d like to change it to something a bit more book-ish at some point, but with my track record, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve actually updated my blog, so while I don’t think I’ve broken anything, shout if you see any missing links (or if the colour and/or font makes anything too illegible).  I’m not too attached to anything at the moment, and I’ll probably continue tweaking it over the next weeks.

12 thoughts on “A Very Tiny Facelift

    • I think Blogger is a bit more complicated than WordPress in the sense you have so much more flexibility and can actually break something! WP uses themes, which in theory is dummy-proof 😉

  1. I like the stars in the header image. They fit with the current holiday feel for now, anyway, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of time to come up with something more bookish for the rest of the year 😛 Happy Holidays!

    • Yes, it feels (unintentionally!) Christmassy, doesn’t it? I just wanted something blue to co-ordinate with the theme colours, and landed on this. I hope you have a good Christmas and happy new year!

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