2015: Lists and Numbers

I may have posted my favourite reads of 2015, but my annual wrap-up would not be complete without yet more lists and numbers.  Right??

New-to-me authors

I mentioned earlier that I’ve read fewer new-to-me authors during 2015 compared to previous years – I ended up reading 20 new-to-me authors this year (I’m counting two writing duos in that 20).

The authors that I’m really glad I discovered this year:


  • Alex Gabriel: Her M/M paranormal romance LOVE FOR THE COLD-BLOODED was superherotastic fun, and I’ve been slowly making my way through her backlist this year.
  • Jen Frederick: I know, I know. Despite (or because of?) the DA affair this year, I picked up her NA sports romance, SACKED, this year and really enjoyed it – I was particularly amused by how she introduced that old twins trope to NA romance.



  • Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff: I picked up a copy of ILLUMINAE after the buzz and loved this epistolary SF tale.  The illustrations in the book didn’t hurt (tip: you need the physical copy of this book – I’ve looked, and the Kindle edition is listed as being 195MB in size *blinks*)

Authors most glommed in 2015

Ha – Kate Sherwood by a mile, I read ten of her backlist books over the year.  Followed by Kate Elliott (five books), Amy Jo Cousins and Patrice Greenwood (four books each).

I also read all the 2015 new releases by Kelly Hunter, KJ Charles, and Josh Lanyon – they each released four novels / novellas / shorts.  Hurray for non-traditional publishing!

And the numbers…

(a.k.a the section of little interest to anyone but myself)

I did some number-crunching in my trusty Excel spreadsheet…

  • I read a total of 156 books over 2015, which is pretty much on par with previous years.
  • Just over one-fifth were YA/NA books, again similar to 2014.

Here’s the breakdown by genre (note 2010 and 2011 numbers are skewed as I had YA under Other; from 2012 onwards, I just flag them under their respective genres):

Annual summary

Consistent, huh?

And finally, my 2015 by month:


I could pretend to analyse the month-on-month differences, but really, by now, I’m just including this graph because I always do (nothing like habit, right?).

And that’s it for 2015!  I’m (slooowly) logging all books read onto my Goodreads Read in 2015 shelf, but seeing that it took me all year to finish off my 2014 reads, it may be a while…



9 thoughts on “2015: Lists and Numbers

  1. I love spreadsheets! Especially creating pivot charts. I plopped all the books I read into a spreadsheet for 2015 to make it easier to see where the ones I read came from and what genres I read the most. I might need to start keeping track of the different years like this though. It’s interesting to see how your reading fluctuates from year to year.

    I don’t think I’ve ever read anything by Lynn Kurland, but her books look interesting. I might have to give her a shot this year.

    • Pivots are the best 🙂 I cut my numbers so many different ways! (Obviously I demonstrated massive self-restraint in this post.)

      It’s taken me a long time to try Lynn Kurland (she’s written so many books!) and I’m glad I did an impulse buy! Very much fantasy romance as opposed to romantic fantasy, if that makes a difference to you.

  2. Hey Li 🙂

    Nice post! It’s always nice to see the numbers 😛

    20 new authors is nothing to sneeze at. Perhaps less than previous years, but I find that when time is more precious, we tend to go for sure values instead of risks. Know what I mean? Especially now that there are soooo many new authors. Those new authors really need good blurbs or reviews or buzz for me to pick up their books.

    Wow, you picked up Illuminae. You’re right, that one is probably better in print. I tried skimming through the epub and meh.

    I’m definitively going to try Genevieve Cogman and Lynn Kurland. Definitively hopefully 😛

    And it’s amazing how consistent you are – not only in overall numbers but genres as well. 2014 and 2015 looks almost identical. I know I didn’t do as well this year 😦 and I think I’ll find my reading a bit all over the place.

    I’ve decided to do a number post after all. I’ll skip the part about new books acquired, LOL… but since I’ve barely reviewed, I need to do something to recap the year. Anyway, that’s the plan… and it means updating my spreadsheet… or actually, start it ^_^;

    • Am glad you’ve decided to do a numbers post!

      Agree with you re new authors – I definitely went for my tried-and-tested authors this year. The other thing which occurred to me is that with non-trad publishing, a lot of authors are doing multiple new releases a year, so I’m reading more of their books.

      I can’t imagine how you’d read ILLUMINAE in ebook. Maybe on a tablet?

      I think you’ll like the Kurland more. I think!

      Yeah, the similarity in numbers was surprising! Especially as I wasn’t aiming for anything in particular – I’ve given up on book challenges and it was pretty much a read-what-I-want year.

  3. I love that you have graphs for your books! I used to have a spreadsheet for my books but got lazy about updating them so I just use Goodreads to keep track of what I read. I really enjoyed reading both Sacked and Illuminae too. Looking forward to the sequels of both.

    • I’m really bad at using Goodreads regularly – am hoping to do better this year!

      NA sports romance seems to becoming a bit of a trend – not complaining though, as I’ve read some great ones over 2015.

      • Apart from Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy’s books, I also liked Amy Jo Cousins’ Off Campus books – the first was the best IMO, but the series as a whole was pretty solid. http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22857416-off-campus

        If we’re talking pre-2015 reading (and more YA!), I really liked Julie Cross’s LETTERS TO NOWHERE (gymnastics) – I’ve just seen she’s talking another sequel in 2016. Can’t remember if you’ve read her before. And I know you’ve read Allison Parr – I live in hope that she will release another NA romance!

        (I have Kristen Callihan and Cora Carmack on my TBR – have heard good things about their books, but haven’t gotten around to them yet.)

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