Re-imagined Covers and Short Stories

Happy February!  Or rather, how in the world did January pass so fast?  Possibly because I spent too much time clicking on links – here are a few that caught my attention recently:

This cover reveal post @ for Jay Kristoff’s new book led me to Meg’s cover redesign project.  I am so impressed by her re-imagined covers for Rae Carson’s Fire & Thorns trilogy and Maggie Stiefvater’s Raven Cycle quartet.  They’re gorgeous (and totally rival the originals!) and I really hope she does more.

maidenthief_fullAnd two free short story reads:


4 thoughts on “Re-imagined Covers and Short Stories

  1. I know! I can’t believe that Jan. is already over.

    “The Wolf Bride” sounds interesting. I’ve never heard of that series before. I might give it a shot to see if I’d be interested in reading it.

    I hope your Feb. goes well!

    • It’s been an incredibly hectic start to the month at work – boo!

      What I like about Sharon Lee’s fantasy books is how she gets the small-town Maine feel across – she does it really well. (I also like the Liaden space opera books that she co-writes with her husband (Steve Miller) but they’re very different!)

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