A Couple of New Releases

You know you haven’t been reviewing for a while when you forget how to use your tagging system at Goodreads.  And it wasn’t even that complicated to start with…

Anyway, I had grand plans to start posting more regularly, and then I remembered why my posting frequency dips (even more) over the summer – Wimbledon starts this week!  As I type, I’ve “Today at Wimbledon” in the background (thank goodness the BBC got rid of last year’s trying-too-hard highlights show “Wimbledon 2day”).

So before I get too caught up in the tennis (with the Olympics coming up next), here are a couple of recent reads.

28161530I’ve just finished Sarina Bowen‘s newest release BITTERSWEET.  Talk about foodie heaven!  And she accomplishes that without the dreaded infodump. It also takes skill to weave such a cosy and close-knit small-town (farm?) picture without ever veering into saccharine territory, and again, Bowen manages that with ease.  Obviously Griff and Audrey’s chemistry was off the charts and the relationship worked for me.

However, in what is becoming a familiar pattern in Bowen’s books, I spotted the major flashpoint a mile away and spent most of the book waiting for the axe to fall.  Which is why I happily abandoned the book halfway through for about a week before finishing it in a single gulp.  And a minor niggle – there were a few typos scattered throughout.  Not many, but enough to catch my attention.

29607276An unexpected new release read for me was Linda Howard‘s TROUBLEMAKER – I was expecting to wait a few months for my library reservation to come through.  Let’s get this out of the way – it’s not up to the standard of vintage Howard.  Then again, maybe it’s time to adjust expectations when it comes to Howard.

Janine’s review @ Dear Author said that the heroine’s dog, Tricks, was a Mary Sue character, which made me laugh because I’d scribbled in my notes that it felt like a love story between Bo (the heroine) and Tricks.  But it was suspenseful enough, though I think Howard overdid the dark damaged hero somewhat.  I felt there were some slightly anachronistic notes in what’s meant to be a modern romance, for instance, Bo thinking that she needed to buy “guy foods” for Morgan (and similar thinking in Morgan’s mind, IIRC).  Overall, the perfect commute-type read for me – it made the time pass quickly enough, but I never needed to know what happened next.



9 thoughts on “A Couple of New Releases

  1. I’m so looking forward to the Olympics! Same time zone too! LOL. Haven’t followed tennis as I used to… and Vasek is already out, so who knows if I’ll pay attention to Wimbledon this year.

    I quite enjoyed Bittersweet 🙂 Yes, the conflict was a bit predictable, but what I liked is that both of them kind of went, knowing… It wasn’t like a huge betrayal or anything. Ms Bowen kept it simple and it worked for me. My issue with the book though was Audrey’s ambition of opening a restaurant. She made it sounded like so easy 😦 Just didn’t feel quite realistic.

    Troublemaker wasn’t as good as some of Ms Howard’s classics, but it was better than her last few releases.

    • Wimbledon crept up on me this time! It’s always nice when the event is in your time zone. Hopefully the time difference for the Olympics means I’ll get to watch some events live in the evening.

      Agree with you re BITTERSWEET – I did like that both Griffin and Audrey were adult over the whole conflict, instead of the whole thing descending into Big Misunderstandings.

      I always say I’m not going to read the latest Howard, and then I cave.

  2. You’ll definitively be able to watch a lot of events during the Olympics!!

    It’s hard to give up authors that were auto-buy. you’re already a step ahead of me since you wait for the library books.

    • I am so much better at using my library nowadays. I think it’s because they have a pretty efficient reservation system (it’s all online and they email you when your book arrives) plus they normally are good at getting multiple copies of the “big” books.

  3. I’ve never read anything by Bowen before but I’m intrigued by Bittersweet. I’ll have to check it out.

    I completely understand about dips in posting. I go through that all the time depending on what’s going on in my life.

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