Good Books!

Don’t you love it when you get a run of good books, especially if it happens when you’re on holiday and have the luxury of being able to stay up late reading without any guilt?

15748538I started off with Seanan McGuire’s ONCE BROKEN FAITH, the latest October Daye book.  (I hadn’t realised the UK release was a few days before the US one, so it was a very pleasant surprise when the book appeared on my Kindle!)

I’m always up for more Toby, so needless to say, it was a very enjoyable read- we had Toby being very Toby, Tybalt doing his King of Cats thing, Quentin (and family!), plus a magical whodunnit mystery plot.  I’ll be honest though – if you’re not into Toby’s world, this is not the book for you.  There were some rather self-indulgent passages, info-dumping galore, and McGuire’s plotting probably doesn’t hold up to close scrutiny.  But I can forgive much when it comes to this series, and ONCE BROKEN FAITH was a solid installment.

30175057Next up was Alexis Hall’s newest, LOOKING FOR GROUP.  This, I loved.  It had the dubious honour of being the book I was reading while wandering around the most picturesque of settings, and I probably spent half my time sitting in various cafes ignoring the views (I can only apologise to my travel companions).  I’m not a gamer at all, but was wholly absorbed by Hall’s sweet romance, set partly in the alternate reality of an MMO.

I was a bit nervous going in (see: not a gamer), but having to work out online gaming shorthand was not dissimilar to having to get my bearings in a fantasy novel.  I loved how Hall explored online (and offline) relationships, celebrated the gaming culture, and managed to cover the whole growing-up/going-to-university thing all in one book.  LOOKING FOR GROUP was diverse, nerdy, and quite possibly one of my favourite books of the year.

22349087And then I read Jodi Taylor’s THE NOTHING GIRL. I keep on saying that I’m going to do a proper blog post on her Chronicles of St Mary’s time-travel series because they are utterly brilliant, packed full of laugh-out-loud moments and yet totally grounded in history, but despite me making the time to read all seven novels (and numerous short stories) in the space of four weeks, I haven’t managed to even draft a post.  So take this as a very strong recommendation for the books, even if you don’t normally care for time-travel stories; I would not have classified myself as a fan, but these books proved me wrong.

Anyway, I grabbed THE NOTHING GIRL when Kobo had their recent 50% off sale. I wasn’t sure how her writing would translate to contemporary romance, but Jacey Bedford’s review persuaded me to give it a go.  If LOOKING FOR GROUP reminded me of READY PLAYER ONE (for the sheer celebration of geek culture), THE NOTHING GIRL was faintly reminiscent of LM Montgomery’s standalones – the quiet protagonist who’s set apart slightly from everyone else, a small-town setting, and of course, a man with a not-entirely-unearned reputation. I went in having no idea of the plot, and enjoyed the story tremendously – layer upon layer of reveals unfolded as I got to know each character, and if I guessed the ending a bit ahead of the final pages, it didn’t spoil my enjoyment one bit.

(And I’m currently reading Sarina Bowen’s ROOKIE MOVE – she does sports romance so well, it’s shaping up to be a good one!)

So that’s me – tell me your recent good reads?


12 thoughts on “Good Books!

  1. Always a good way to spend the week-end, Li! I’m so jealous. My week-ends have been so busy 😦

    I haven’t read Once Broken Faith yet. Came across it at the bookstore though and skimmed through it a bit LOL. Have a few more books I want to read before.

    Is the Hall book m/m? it’s funny because there’s a Chinese drama that just ended a few days ago and the premise was similar. Will need to check this one out since you enjoyed it so much 🙂

    I just finished reading Apprentice in Death which was a pretty good installment. Picked up A Little More Love by Kendra Leigh Castle and it’s shaping up into a really good contemporary romance – I was a bit wary of the premise (reporter trying to debunk hero’s true identity as recluse fantasy novel author). I have Magic Binds waiting for me next!!

    • Oooh, you have MAGIC BINDS? Jealous. I’ve not read Kendra Leigh Castle before, but that sounds promising, will check it out!

      I couldn’t resist starting ONCE BROKEN FAITH as soon as it appeared on my Kindle 🙂 Yep, Alexis Hall’s book is M/M, probably NA/YA as the protagonists are both 19 IIRC. Interesting coincidence re the Chinese drama!

      Busy weekends are good – I’ve been lazing around a lot (post-summer lull!), though still not reading a great deal.

  2. My recent good reads are The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet and Monstress by Majorie Liu and Sana Takeda. I really need to write reviews for all of these! I’ve added Looking for Group to my wishlist, and I already have Sarina Bowen’s Rookie Move in there as well, just waiting for the Kindle price to go down a bit.

    • I’ve requested both THE HATING GAME and A PROMISE OF FIRE from my library – have heard good things about them!

      I’ve just read your review of MONSTRESS, it looks beautiful. I’ll keep an eye out for it.

      • So jealous that you can request books from your library! I wish I could have done that for both The Hating Game (which was pricey) and A Promise of Fire (the ebook price has gone down). Monstress was gorgeous, hope you’re able to track down a copy.

      • I’ve gotten a lot better at using my library over the past few years and it’s free to request! They normally have the “big name” releases, though only if there is a UK publisher – I lucked out with both of your recs..

  3. Oh, it’s great when you find some good books, Li. I’ve had some good reading the last couple weeks, too. I’m reading mostly mysteries at the moment and really loving it! When I saw how much you liked the time travel books I went to Amazon and bought the first book!

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