Book Randomness

October is flying past for me. In fact, all of 2016 appears to be progressing at 2x speed – anyone else feel that way?

I’ve sat down several times to try and compose a blog post, but have given up on anything coherent.  So here’s a random set of book-ish thoughts for today:

akh1) An Andrea K Höst new release!  Seeing her post about The Towers, the Moon pop up today was a pleasant surprise – I love her writing, and let’s face it, a set of short stories sounds about my speed lately.

2) Having said that, a new book want – Angie’s post about Beth Brower‘s THE Q made me want to run out and buy it immediately.

3) Old news, but I am loving Neil Gaiman‘s retro cover re-dos.  STARDUST especially!  I have such a soft spot for those old-school covers.

4) And finally, anyone on Litsy?  I joined after Chachic posted about the Android release (I’m meandmybooks), but I’m struggling.  Most of my reading is done on my Kindle, and I figure there’s only so many “arty” shots I can do.

Here’s my first (and only) Litsy contribution…  (also my reading list as of a week or so ago)litsy

8 thoughts on “Book Randomness

  1. That new AK Host has such a lovely cover design! I also want to read The Q because of Angie. As for Litsy, I have the same issue because I mostly read on my Kindle. That’s why I try to include something else in my shots like a nice background or coffee or tea or a meal. I think Litsy is a lot of fun! I’m starting to like it more than Instagram. I just keep wishing more bookish friends are on it to make it even more enjoyable to use.

    • See, I don’t really carry my Kindle around with me – I generally read on my phone if I’m out and about…. #firstworldproblems

      I do like your photos, I think you’ve mastered the art of book-ish shots!

      • Ahh you don’t get eye strain when you read on your phone? That’s the main reason why I prefer reading on my Kindle.

        Aww thanks! I have fun taking those shots and it’s nice to know that they’re being appreciated by others.😁

      • My phone works fine as long as I’m not in direct sunlight – which is rare in London 😉

        Seriously, I usually read in 10/15-minute bursts during my commute, so probably not long enough to feel it. I definitely prefer my e-reader, but using the Kindle app on my phone is much more convenient.

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