2016: Lists and Numbers

Here’s my traditional wrap-up of 2016 in lists and numbers (I like spreadsheets, what can I say).  I may have done my favourite reads of 2016 already, but here are a few other lists.

2016 new-to-me authors

I read books by 21 new-to-me authors over the course of 2016, which is pretty much on par with the previous year.  The authors I’m really glad I discovered?

Well, four of them wrote books that featured in my favourites of 2016 so that probably goes without saying:

  • Beth Brower
  • Jodi Taylor
  • Leigh Bardugo
  • Santino Hassell

And the other five authors:

Authors most glommed in 2016

Unsurprisingly, Jodi Taylor – not only did I read all seven of her St Mary’s books, I also read her standalone romances – a contemporary, THE NOTHING GIRL, and a historical, A BACHELOR ESTABLISHMENT.  Slightly different voices, but no less enjoyable.

Coming a close second with seven books each were Megan Derr and Lynn Kurland.

I’ve read Megan Derr before, but never quite got on with her books. This year however, for whatever reason, her M/M fantasy romances became my comfort reads (I read all of her Tales of the High Court, Unbreakable Soldiers, and Princes of the Blood series – the last being my favourite so far).

I also finished reading all of Lynn Kurland‘s Nine Kingdoms fantasy romances (spot a trend there?).  It was a bit of a mixed bag overall, but at least I’m caught up now.

And some numbers…

I read 127 books over the year, way down on previous years (I usually average around 150).  Let’s just say 2016 had distractions galore (not all bad though, I suspect the summer Olympics was a contributing factor!).

About one-third of the books I read were published prior to 2016, and roughly 40% were published via non-traditional channels.

Breakdown of genre and numbers by month (see what I mean by the Olympics?):


Compared to previous years (perhaps read more fantasy should be my 2017 resolution?):


And that’s my 2016 reading year!  Here’s the Goodreads version, which is all pretty and fancy.


I know, I totally forgot about my plan for doing a regular book recommendation in my last post.  Memory of a goldfish, sorry.

So here’s my first rec of 2017 – Kate Elliott’s JARAN: If you’re in the mood for some old-school SFF with romance a-plenty, I adored JARAN. It’s the first of a series, but works very well as a standalone.


7 thoughts on “2016: Lists and Numbers

  1. Number posts are always fun, Li 🙂

    and yes, definitively the Olympic Games!! LOL, I have this huge gap between my reads in August and kept figuring out why… and suddenly, the answer was the Olympic Games! It’s hard to read when you’re cheering so hard for your country or athletes! 🙂 And seriously, there is soooo much to watch that there’s no lull time to read 😛

    I got the Jodi Taylor books. They’re on my list to read. I read the first Beth Brower and it was good, but I don’t know how I feel about the next two books.

    Ha, fantasy romance 🙂 I’m looking for those too. I read the first 3 of the Lynn Kurland books and thought they were okay.

    • Oooh, are you talking about the Beth Brower trilogy? I’ve the first book but haven’t really started it yet – it’s very much on my to-read list right now. THE Q is completely standalone.

      I saw your GR ratings for the Kurland books – sorry they didn’t completely work for you!

      And yes, the Olympics! That was pretty much all my free time in August.

  2. I love your numbers end-of-year posts, Li! Your spreadsheets are great. I wish I could build ones like that. Oh, well, I get to look at and read yours. I have the Elizabeth Bonesteel and Jodi Taylor books in my TBR books. Hope to read them soon.

    • I just do a Goodreads download and play around with the columns a bit, I’ve it down to a fine art by now 🙂

      Jodi Taylor was a highlight of my reading year (especially as she has such an extensive backlist). Look forward to reading your thoughts on them!

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