2016 Best Ofs?

All these 2016 wrap-up posts are not doing good things to my TBR mountain.  Help.

Here are the books/authors that have caught my attention so far:

27068944Cathy Yardley’s LEVEL UP: Courtesy of Angie, bookpusher extraordinaire.  Also, incredibly cute cover.

Chanel Cleeton’s Wild Aces books: I’ve not read her before, but a mention by Mandi @ Smexy Books got me looking, and perhaps fighter pilots are the new SEALs?

Julianna Keye’s THE GOOD FIGHT: I loved her NA book, UNDECIDED, but kind of stalled out on the next book of hers that I tried.  Kini @ Smexy Books now has me thinking that I picked the wrong book to read.

Karen Odden’s A LADY IN THE SMOKE: Tasha @ Truth, Beauty, Freedom & Books made this Victorian mystery sound so good.

Ana and Thea @ The Book Smugglers reminded me of the authors I MUST try in 2017: Becky Chambers, NK Jemisin, Rachel Neumeier (yes, I already have their books on  my Kindle…)

Lyn Gala’s Aberrant Magic series and Robert Innes’s UNTOUCHABLE: Sirius’s list @ Dear Author had me adding both of these books.

Kel Kade’s FREE THE DARKNESS: Kailana @ The Written World name-checked this several times in her post.

I suspect I’ll probably add to this post as I work my way around the blogs.  Would you second any of these?


Martha Wells’s THE DEATH OF THE NECROMANCER: I’m sticking with old-school fantasy.  Thoroughly enjoyable murder mystery fantasy.


8 thoughts on “2016 Best Ofs?

  1. What a great idea, to come up with a list of books you added to your TBR pile because of best of 2016 lists! I have Level Up in my Kindle, I was able to get it back when it was available for free. I second the Rachel Neumeier and N.K. Jemisin recs, you haven’t read anything by them?

    • I was losing track of all the book recs! I actually have a couple more to add, I drafted this post a week or so ago.

      No, I haven’t actually read anything by Rachel Neumeier and N.K. Jemisin yet! I know. I have Neumeier’s THE CITY IN THE LAKE (and I really want her THE MOUNTAIN OF KEPT MEMORY but it’s £12 for the ebook version – ouch), and Jemisin’s THE FIFTH SEASON.

      • I would recommend Rachel’s Black Dog series, two books have been released. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the third one will come out this year! Yeah, I feel your pain when it comes to pricey ebooks. I know I have The Fifth Season because I was able to get it as a Kindle deal.

  2. Oh, I hope you like Kel Kade. It is not perfect, especially after I read some reviews where people pointed some stuff out, but it worked for me at the time I checked him out!

    • Oh, I totally know what you mean.

      There are some books I’ve just loved, and then I read reviews that point out the flaws – I’m all “I see what you’re saying, but I love it anyway!”.

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