Bring on the YA Fantasies…

I’ve been in a YA fantasy kind of mood recently.

I succumbed to the lure of the FairyLoot subscription box a few months back.  It was their May Save the Kingdom theme that persuaded me, and how could I resist their June Rebels in Ballgowns box?  Having had two of their boxes now, I probably wouldn’t buy another – while I like the book exclusives, the design of the accompanying products are on the too-dramatic side for me (they photograph well though, and I suspect I’m in the minority!).

40619940So the May and June FairyLoot boxes had Mindee Arnott’s ONYX AND IVORY and Tracy Banghart’s GRACE AND FURY respectively – I found the former a bit middling and predictable, while the latter was more satisfying character and relationship-wise, but had a “to be continued…” kind of ending.

29346870A recent bookstore visit then yielded an impulse buy of Erin Beaty’s THE TRAITOR’S KISS and when I closed the book, I immediately one-clicked the sequel, THE TRAITOR’S RUIN, which had just come out.  Hurrah for serendipitous release schedules!  These books aren’t perfect (too much angsting, some confusing history, and gosh, Sage & co come across as being either way too young or incredibly mature for their ages depending on what they’re doing), but they’re addictive reads.  Plus despite being part of a trilogy, bonus points for each book being relatively self-contained.

Melissa Caruso’s THE DEFIANT HEIR was another recent read. I was not overly-enthused about the previous book in this series despite the hype (or perhaps because of!), but I felt she hit her stride here.  I could do without the love triangle (and Amalia’s wishy-washiness on that front), but that aside, it had some vividly-imagined set pieces and twists, and was full of tension and drama at the right moments.

31450960And the most recent book I’ve finished is Sarah Tolcser’s THE SONG OF THE CURRENT.  I can’t remember who rec’d it now, but it was solid.  The romance was a bit on the insta-love side (yes, I know – I am hyper-critical of romance subplots), but I liked the world-building and the complicated family dynamics.  I am totally up for the sequel.

So any YA fantasy recs for me, ideally those without insta-love or love triangles or cliffhanger endings?  I don’t ask for much obviously…


4 thoughts on “Bring on the YA Fantasies…

  1. I have a feeling you’ve read Sarah J Maas? Although she doesn’t exactly fit the bill for non-cliffhanger endings, because OMG, the ending of Empire of Storms was the cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers.

    I subscribed to Fairyloot for a few months. I stopped because I wasn’t interested enough in the books that came with it – but I did love all the other bits and pieces! Lots of lovely fannish stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily seek out, but love owning.

    • I’ve read a few of her books – both the Throne of Glass and Court of Thorns & Roses series. I wasn’t invested enough to continue until EoS, but will probably pick up the series again at some point, so good to know re the cliffhanger ending!

      I’ve only been buying one-off boxes (and doing some googling to figure out the the book before purchasing…). I’ve kept about half of the stuff that came with my boxes and gave away the other half. So can’t really justify the price of a box – I’m going to keep an eye out for similar boxes though.

      • It took me aaages to get through A Court of Thorns and Roses – the pacing is terrible. Someone mentioned to me that the second book in that series is much better, and she was right – I just zipped through it this past weekend. It also has a, not exactly cliffhanger, but definitely a set-up for the next book ending, so obviously I instaclicked on it and ordered it on my Kobo!

        I am trialling Illumicrate at the moment, which is a quarterly box that seems to include similar things to Fairyloot (but quarterly, so I can justify the expense). I’ve also signed up to which I’m intrigued by – but that doesn’t launch until September and is definitely not YA.

      • What did we do before one-click??!! Okay, you’ve convinced me, I’m going to restart her series now.

        I’ve just checked out Illumicrate – you’re right, looks very similar to Fairyloot. I may stalk their Instagram for a bit! Books That Matter looks great and also reasonably priced – am very tempted. Could also be the perfect birthday present for one of my friends…

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