Kindle Unlimited Recommendations

I’m aware Kindle Unlimited isn’t without controversy, especially from an author perspective.  For me as a reader, while this subscription-based model has its cons, I’ve been subscribed for over a year now, and it’s still worth it IMO.

I find the main downside for me is that I’ve found myself reading through series that I wouldn’t really have finished if I actually had to purchase the next book.  I’m a lot more aware of when I’m doing that now, and have stopped!

Once you find the right authors though, there is nothing like whizzing through their backlist, so I thought I’d list the KU authors I’ve discovered and love.

38097007I’ve recommended Kate Stradling and Glynn Stewart previously, and that still 100% stands.  Stradling’s books need more love – they’re not the most commercial of plots, but she has a talent for storytelling.  BRINE AND BONE, which was her take on The Little Mermaid was one of my favourite reads of 2018, and I have just seen that she’s released a Cinderella retelling – err, excuse me, I’ll be right back…

As for Stewart, I’m pretty sure he’s raking it in when it comes to sales.  His books are always KU bestsellers even though his name doesn’t appear to be well-known in the online SFF community, so while he doesn’t need more publicity, his space operas are always release week reads for me.

Here are a few more suggestions if you’re looking for KU books (I may have mentioned some of them before):

Rachel Neumeier (UF – or as UF as you get in the countryside) and Mary Burchell (period contemporary romance centred around music and opera) – I talked about both of these series previously.

Ellen Emerson White: Angie gave a heads up the other day that EEW added more books to KU (which I’m obviously snapping up), but her Echo Company and White House series are totally worth glomming as well.

British Library Crime Classics: For some reason, not all of their catalogue are in KU, but quite a few are.  If you’re travelling, you could do a lot worse than borrow some of the short story anthologies edited by Martin Edwards, they’re lesser-known Golden Age crime fiction (think Agatha Christie or Arthur Conan Doyle, and you’re in the right ballpark).

Tanya Huff: I love her books, and she’s a few novels in KU (with the caveat that I’ve not read these novels for a while, so not sure how they’d hold up to a re-read).

AJ Lancaster: She’s a new-to-me author and her Stariel series isn’t finished yet, but if you fancy an alt-historical whodunnit-type book, give the first a go.

What about you – any KU recs you have would be very welcome!

2 thoughts on “Kindle Unlimited Recommendations

  1. I’ve tried KU a couple of times over the years but just can’t bring myself to be a regular subscriber . . . I much prefer to read from my public library system(s) and/or buy from authors directly. But I did find and read Marshall Thornton’s Boystown series at KU because none of the public library systems near me have it and to buy the entire series would be a significant investment. Suggesting because you like Josh Lanyon’s work. Boystown is set in Chicago during the 1980s, and while it is mostly a conventional mystery series, its gay and out PI lead (drummed out the police force because of his sexuality) reminds me a bit of what Josh Lanyon’s Jake Riordan might have become in another time and place (and without having found Adrien). Darker and angstier but interesting.

    • Ah thank you – that sounds like a great series, will give it a go! I did forget to mention that some of the older Josh Lanyon books are now in KU, I have all of them already though…

      Your library system sounds really good! There’s not much overlap between the books available from my library and KU, they only really go for the more mainstream published books, even for the digital versions.

      I’ve been wondering re KU revenues v. royalties for direct purchases – I assume the former is more unpredictable as I understand the available KU pot changes month-on-month, but it must make sense for some authors.

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