Ah Summer…

Summer isn’t my favourite season (I dread the boiling Tubes, stifling buses, and actually, thinking about it, everything to do with making my way around a city that isn’t designed for temperatures above 20 degrees).  But summer does mean holidays, drinks in the sunshine, and of course, tennis and Wimbledon especially!  Which is a long-winded way of saying, yeah, I’ve been neglecting this blog.

37712577Let’s see – what have I been up to reading-wise?  I’ve just finished Ilona Andrews’ new release, SWEEP OF THE BLADE.  I skip their online serialised version (because I’m all about instant gratification, and can’t deal with waiting for new chapters), so any Innkeeper story is always brand new to me.

I found SotB lots of fun, it’s the kind of story that doesn’t take itself too seriously and I whizzed through the book over a couple of nights. The Innkeeper series is probably my favourite of the Ilona Andrew books – it feels less… overcrafted somehow?  I’m not sure if that’s the right word, but most of their recent releases feel just a bit too carefully put together to me.  There’s so much description, which throws me out of the story, and I end up skimming.  I stalled halfway through the final Kate book – will have to go back and pick it up again.

I’ve also somehow found my way back to buying physical books.  Perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration – I think I’ve bought six over the past month, but that’s probably not far off how many I bought in total over 2018.  There is something to be said about about browsing in bookstores and impulse buys (or random discoveries).  I haven’t actually finished any of them yet (see summer distractions above), so I’ll have to report back.

On a tangentially-related note, I was really sorry to hear that Less Than Three is closing their doors.  I appreciated how they published books across the queer spectrum which probably would have struggled to get out there otherwise, but totally see how it’s tough for an indie publisher to keep afloat in these times.  Their approach to winding down their business and reverting rights appears to be exemplary though.

So that’s me – how has summer (or winter depending on where you are!) been treating you so far?



4 thoughts on “Ah Summer…

  1. Summer isn’t always my favorite time either since we get boiling temps sometimes as well as sweaty-sweaty humidity. Des Moines isn’t a huge city and since I’m retired I don’t have to either fight traffic (which isn’t too bad anyway) or ride a bus (no subway/tube here). But I do love to sit outside in my garden and when it’s especially hot and humid and buggy it just isn’t fun. We go to a baseball game sometimes and those can be hot and sweaty though we try to sit where we get the most shade! Summer is winding down here and this morning is cool and sunny so I went out early and walked around the yard to see what’s still blooming! Love it!

    I bought Sweep of the Blade when it came out, but haven’t read it yet. I think it’s my favorite series, too. I haven’t liked the last few Kate books as much and haven’t read the last one yet. I’ll have to move Sweep of the Blade up on my list so I don’t forget about it.

    • We’re getting a late blast of summer heat this weekend, but there’s a definite chill in the air!

      I still haven’t picked up the Kate book again. Having said that, I did buy their latest release SAPPHIRE FLAMES, and I’ll probably get around to that soon-ish.

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