Checking In – and How Are You?

I’m not sure what to say.  2020 has been a surreal year, and we’re not even three months in.

I certainly didn’t expect to be signing off from work calls with a “stay safe”.  I never expected to be in a situation where I’m not going to be seeing friends in person for weeks (possibly months?).  Or have debates around what “social distancing” means v. “self-isolation”. Watch daily press conferences from the Prime Minister.  Stress about whether London would be locked down and what that would mean (even typing those words feels wrong).  And yes, succumb to panic about whether there was sufficient stores of loo roll in the house*.

I’m incredibly fortunate in that I can work from home, and fingers (and everything else) crossed, my job seems secure.  I’m worried about those who can’t work from home and all the small businesses that are facing collapse, and am really hoping that there’ll be sufficient support to help everyone get through this.

I’m trying to limit my time on news websites and social media (it’s really not helping!) and I’ve a whole TBR pile of books I’m determined to wade through.  I also suspect that I’m going to have a fair amount of time on my hands now to pay this (neglected) blog a bit more attention.

How are you doing?


*Answer was yes – after an unfortunate incident years and years ago, I always have a spare pack…

6 thoughts on “Checking In – and How Are You?

  1. It’s a very strange situation to find ourselves in and it is a bit crazy that the world can come to a virtual halt in such a short time!

    Like you my job means I can work from home as necessary and its pretty secure but this new way of working will take a little time to get used to.

    • I’m glad to hear you’re doing okay! I did a day or so a week WFH before but it is very different doing it every single day… I never thought I’d miss not being in the office.

  2. Glad to hear you are doing well! I’m retired but worrying about 1) healthcare workers and other first responders, and 2) the impact on the economy overall. Too many people do not have the option to support themselves from home. It’s going to be an interesting couple of years.

    • Good to hear from you! I hear you – I don’t think anyone knows how things will play out in the longer-term, and in the meanwhile, so many people are literally putting their lives on the line to try and contain this. Fingers crossed we start seeing a positive change over the next few weeks – I’m heartened by the fact the tide appears to have turned in China.

  3. It’s good to hear you’re there and all right, Li. Though I share all of your worries and concerns. I’m also able to work from home and feel like my job is fairly secure, so grateful for that. My husband’s a freelancer, though, and so his income has entirely disappeared. Still grateful to have mine, but it’s scary. And I don’t even know what to say at this point about the situation worldwide. It’s . . . well, it’s making it so hard for me to read. Which is terrifying.

    Stay safe and be well. If you read anything grand, definitely let me know.

    • Hey Angie – good to hear from you! I’m (very) cautiously optimistic that we’re starting to turn a corner and am doing my best to focus on the good. We’re all healthy so far, the weather’s beautiful, I’m exploring the local area a lot more, and working from home means no commute!

      I just read and loved Jodi Taylor’s latest St Mary’s time-travel book – it’s one of my favourite series and was a fantastic distraction (though there was mention of pandemics – a bit unfortunate…!).

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