Oh Hey

It’s been a while, huh? I will not miss you at all, 2020.

Every time I thought about writing a blog post, it felt like something somewhere in the world would go up in flames (literally or metaphorically, or sometimes both) and… I just didn’t have the headspace to craft anything resembling an actual post. I have a half-finished draft titled “Pandemic Reading”, which I started back in May, and never quite got around to completing*.

But this weekend, it feels like there is a glimmer of hope in the world. Yes, we’re in a kind-of lockdown in England, but (and it may just be me) it doesn’t feel like it’s a lockdown – I haven’t exactly been out shopping/partying/whatever-ing in the past few months so it’s not a huge change. Trump is on his way out, and hopefully, so is all the divisive rhetoric that seems to have been a substitute for actual thought everywhere.

And I feel like I should start talking books again (before something else blows up?). I’ve just started re-reading Rachel Neumeier’s Black Dog series. The latest instalment, COPPER MOUNTAIN, reminded me of how good these books were and I am thoroughly enjoying re-acquainting myself with Natividad and the world of Dimilioc again. I have fond memories of being glued to the final pages of the previous book while on holiday in New York City and taking a sneaky break in the NYPL Reading Room to finish off the story, because I had to know how it ended.

Up next on my list is Megan Whalen Turner’s RETURN OF THE THIEF (hurrah!), though I am debating whether I should re-read the entire series before starting this one to make sure I don’t miss any single detail.

*I totally glommed SJ MacDonald’s Fourth Fleet Irregulars series over this period. There’s a bit of a bumpy start to the series and it’s slightly repetitive if you read all ten books back-to-back like I did, but it’s one of those series that is somehow a comfort read even if it’s the first time you read it. Also, it’s in Kindle Unlimited if you have a subscription. Oh, and ignore the covers.


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