Review Policy & Grading

Review Policy

For readers: I’ve generally bought all the books I’ve reviewed, unless stated otherwise (and yes, I need to make better use of my local library).  If you want to know more about a particular book, feel free to post a comment or email me ( – I love talking books!

For publishers/authors: I’m open to receiving books for review if they’re in the genres I read (fantasy, romance, mystery, SF), although I am limited time-wise and will only accept books I think I’ll enjoy.  I prefer digital versions (.mobi or .epub), but if you’re offering paper copies, please bear in mind I live in the UK and overseas postage is incredibly expensive.  My reviews are cross-posted at Goodreads.

If you’re interested, please contact me using the form on my contact page or email



I’ve flirted with various grading systems over the years (which you’ll see by going to my Books I’ve Read page for previous years), but moved onto Goodreads during 2011 and adopted their 1-5 stars grading system.

  • 5 stars / Loved: Definite keeper – and one that pushed all the right buttons for me.
  • 4 stars / Really liked: I would recommend whole-heartedly.
  • 3 stars / Liked: I enjoyed and have no regrets about spending either time or money on this book.
  • 2 stars / It was okay: I wouldn’t feel as though I had missed out if I hadn’t read the book.
  • 1 star / Didn’t like: I finished the book, but in hindsight, shouldn’t have.