June Books

Hmmm… is it just me or are there a lot of books scheduled to be released in June?  Here are the ones I’m planning on getting (and one I bought today) – starting off with the historical romances:

0451221494_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v46673742_.jpgJo Beverley‘s “Lady Beware” – This is the one I came across today and bought immediately.  It’s part of her Company of Rogues series – Dare Debenham’s sister meets the new Viscount Darien, who just happens to hate the Rogues.  From the back cover blurb, Viscount Darien’s name is actually Horatio Cave, which would nicely avoid the problem of too many Ds in the story…  While I prefer Ms Beverley’s Georgian books, her Regencies come a close second – so I’m looking forward to this one.  A couple of excerpts are up on her website.

0749938323_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v23241071_.jpgJulia Quinn‘s “The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever” – Not a Bridgerton book!  Yes, I do know Jo Beverley’s Company of Rogues series is probably longer than the Bridgertons, but let’s just ignore that fact.  Can’t remember if I’ve posted this before, but here’s a deleted scene (the original epilogue) from Ms Quinn’s “How to Marry a Marquis” – it’s reminded me of how much I love her books. 

Eloisa James‘ “Desperate Duchesses” – Start of a new series – a trilogy, I think.  Her Essex Sisters quartet bumped her up to my auto-buy list, so I’m keeping an eye out for this.  Ms James always provides a refreshing take on tried-and-true romance storylines, so this should be no exception.  Excerpt on her website here.

Moving on to the ummm… I think I’m going to say paranormal romance:

21twewxnsyl__aa_.jpgMeljean Brook‘s “Demon Moon” – Sequel to “Demon Angel”, which got a rather good reception in romance blogland when it came out early this year.  Having read the deleted snippets Ms Brook posted on her blog and Jennie‘s rec, I can safely say I’m grabbing this as soon as I see it!  I wonder if Colin can beat Hugh in the hero stakes?  Excerpt here.

Laurell K Hamilton‘s “The Harlequin” – The latest Anita Blake.  Okay, at 432 pages, it’s almost twice the length as “Mistral’s Kiss”, so that’s a good sign – I think!  Excerpts here – oh, and the cover’s pretty cool as well.

In fantasy:

Jacqueline Carey‘s “Kushiel’s Justice” – Second in Imriel’s trilogy.  Imriel has a secret affair with Sidonie, but chooses duty over love.  Ms Carey did hint at this in the first book, so I’m not surprised, though it isn’t my favourite plotline.  There had better be a HEA – if not in this book, in the next!  Excerpts here.

212b4xetwdl__aa_.jpgLois McMaster Bujold‘s “The Sharing Knife: Legacy” – While I would very much prefer a Vorkosigan book, I’m not really complaining – well, not much, anyway.  This is the follow-up to “TSK: Beguilement” – Fawn and Dag return to Dag’s Lakewalker home.  Full blurb here.

And finally:

0312349491_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v42704093_.jpgJanet Evanovich‘s “Lean Mean Thirteen” – I’m a big Plum fan, so I’m excited about this.  Yes, I thought the Valentine’s Day novella was a complete rip-off – but I just love this series.  More madcap antics, and oh yes, Morelli and Ranger.  Excerpts here.

Right, that’s my June booklist for now, though I suspect I’ve probably missed a few off.

Around the Web

The Royal Mail will be issuing Harry Potter stamps – err… I’m probably going to be really sad and actually buy them.

Here’s an interesting interview with Jacqueline Carey on Fantasy Book Critic (link via SFBC).   She’s publicising her latest book “Kushiel’s Justice”, which is out June 14 – that’s definitely on my Must Get list.  She writes dark fantasy – or in her own words:

…alternate historical fantasy with lots of intrigue, adventure and sex. The writing style is fairly baroque and the books have a streak of dark eroticism…

A second excerpt from “Kushiel’s Justice” is also up on her website.

The first review I’ve seen of Laurell K Hamilton’s “The Harlequin” is here (link again via SFBC).  The last paragraph is particularly interesting:

Fans of the old Anita Blake will be happy to see a departure from the gratuitous sex seen in Danse Macabre and Incubus Dreams as this book focuses less on Anita feeding the ardeur and more on the dynamics of the triumvirates and the interaction between the paranormal community.

Hmmm…. what say you?

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Interview with Jacqueline Carey posted on Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist – she talks about her latest book “Kushiel’s Justice” (June 2007), which is the second book of her Imriel trilogy.

The Annual Cover Contest, which highlights the best (and worst) romance book covers for 2006, is now open for voting (closing date May 11 2007).  I’ve voted – and the shortlisted covers, especially in the Alternate Reality and Two-Cover categories, are beautiful.

I received Lilith Saintcrow‘s latest newsletter – her next Dante Valentine book “The Devil’s Right Hand” (urban fantasy) is out in September 2007.  I’ve read the first two books and liked them, but they have very open endings, which drive me mad.  Having said that, it’s a five-book series – mmm… maybe I should just wait for the fifth book to come out before continuing?  Heh – cliffhanger-type endings don’t exactly draw me in…

Ms Saintcrow also says:

A lot of you have written to me about the new covers for the Valentine books. The entire series was picked for the stateside launch of Orbit (which UK fans will recognize as a Bit Of A Big Name in sci-fi and fantasy publishing.) With this launch came a reissue and new covers, both to draw the series together visually and also to present the series as less paranormal romance and more hard-edged urban fantasy.

deadmanrising.jpg1841494674_01__aa_scmzzzzzzz_v45549705_.jpgI obviously had to hop over to Amazon to have a look at the new covers to see what was meant by the more “urban fantasy” feel.  The original cover is on the right, while the new cover is on the left.  Well, while I definitely prefer the newer cover, I wouldn’t exactly say the original one screams “paranormal romance”.  In fact, the original one seems more traditional fantasy to me – err, the sword-and-sorcery kind, not urban though.

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Patricia Briggs, or rather her husband, posted an update on the third Mercy book, “Iron Kissed” (due out January 2008). 

I won’t give any huge spoilers, but I will say that everyone who’s been stressing over the love-triangle can relax and take a deep breath. Mercy makes a choice, and it’s good!

What do you reckon – Adam or Samuel?  I’m rooting for Adam myself!

Suzanne Brockmann has posted some updates on her latest book “Force of Nature” (due out 14 August 2007).  Umm… it was in an email newsletter, so no links here – I’m just not seeing the information on her website!  Anyway, interesting bits (note: not exact quotes, I’ve just picked out relevant sentences):

2) FORCE OF NATURE, the next full-length installment in my Troubleshooters series, has an August 14th release — to celebrate, I’m putting out another cool promo booklet, similar to last year’s Readers’ Guide.

For FORCE OF NATURE, I’ll be putting together a similar-sized booklet (56 pages) that will have a half designed for writers and a half written just for readers. (We’re going to give it two “front” covers — should be fun!)  The writers’ half will include a version of my Deep Point of View workshop. The readers’ half will include never-before-published short stories featuring favorite characters from the Troubleshooter series.

As usual, we’ll have a downloadable version available on the internet. And signed copies will be available through my FORCE OF NATURE virtual signing.

“Force of Nature” has Ric Alvarado as the one of the main characters – I can’t quite remember him…  However, Jules Cassidy does make an appearance (and the blurb on her website hints that he plays quite a large part) – I hope he gets his HEA.  Although considering how long Ms Brockmann dragged out the Sam/Alyssa storyline, he probably has a few more books to wait!

Ms Brockmann’s also doing a holiday novella:

3) My Troubleshooters holiday novella has a title! ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT will be in stores on October 30th.  Ballantine will be publishing it in a smaller “gift hardcover” format. I’m really psyked — it’s something a little different. It was a fun book to write, too — Sam Starrett and Alyssa Locke play major roles in the story. It was nice to “visit” with them again.  It came in at just over 81,000 words, which is slightly longer than the books I used to write for Silhouette Intimate Moments.

What holidays are at the end of October?  Halloween?  Thanksgiving?  I’m not too happy with the fact that it’s going to be in hardcover, or “gift hardcover”, whatever that is…  I’m hoping it’ll be longer than Janet Evanovich’s Valentine’s Day novella – I wonder how many words that was?

And finally, Jacqueline Carey has the first chapter of Kushiel’s Justice up on her website – that’s on my Buy list for June!

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Anyone for an Anita Blake prequel?  There are July plans for a comic, which will be set about a year before “Guilty Pleasures” (via SFBC).  According to Ms Hamilton’s blog:

In the comic you will get to see the first time Anita and Jean-Claude meet.  Anita’s first time inside Guilty pleasures, her first serial killer case, and a very early encounter with Edward.

This should be interesting!  I’m not big on comics or graphic novels, and am just taking tentative steps into the world of manga, but I will look out for this.

Jacqueline Carey warns that the Amazon blurbs for her upcoming release (“Kushiel’s Justice – June 2007) contains major spoilers, and offers up an alternative blurb on her website.  I’m intrigued by the description and looking forward to the book.

Finally, Anne Bishops next Black Jewels book will be out in March 2008, and will be called “Tangled Webs”.  And yes, there will be Daemon and Janelle – hurray!  I’ve just started her latest book “Belladonna” – I’m trying to ration out my remaining Amelia Peabody books…